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Episode 9: Cause and Effect—Part 3

Where do delusions come from? Learn more about finding the TRUE causes creating problems in your life.

Episode 8: Powerless—Part 3

You say you can quit drinking or using drugs…but you don’t realize you can’t. Let’s get past this common illusion in addiction in just 60 Seconds.

Episode 7: The Highest Thing A Human Being Will Ever Know—Part 2

A perspective on the totality of life and the unreasonable demands we often make of it.

Episode 6: Cause and Effect—Part 2

If you duplicate a cause, you will duplicate an effect. Find out how cause & effect creates problems in your life.

Episode 5: Powerless—Part 2

Every single relapse, drink, or drug use can be traced back to powerlessness.

Episode 4: Fear

Did you know what you’re afraid of right now almost certainly won’t even happen? Learn to overcome your fears in just 60 seconds.

Episode 3: Cause and Effect – Part 1

Learn what delusions are and how to overcome them just 60 seconds.

Episode 2: The Highest Thing a Human Being Will Ever Know – Part 1

How do we handle the unpredictability of life? No matter how much we try to plan and control things, they don’t always turn out the way we planned.

Episode 1: Powerless – Part 1

I was 60 seconds from death, yet I still couldn’t stop drinking. In that moment, I finally realized the meaning of powerlessness.



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  • Jeremy


    60 Seconds Of Recovery captivates my attention and intrigues me into wanting to hear more!

  • Lori


    I think it’s great that you gave us an index of sorts to quickly find the episode we need to hear at the exact time we need to hear it.

  • Dennis Fees


    Bill I have always loved to hear you speak and explain how this program works. I love the new 60 second bites and hope you continue to keep doing g God’s work and help I g others find their way to sobriety/recovery.

  • Dave H


    I like this a lot Bill, I can do my morning meditation, and follow it up with this. Thank you for all you do!!!



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