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What Is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is exactly what it sounds like, training to become better at recovery. Not sponsorship, not therapy, not counseling. It’s coaching, plain and simple. By bringing a coach into your life, you’re committing to train harder–spiritually, physically, morally–to put the sweat and hard work into strengthening your sobriety, bettering your life, and improving the lives of those around you.

What Do I Do?

I run The Recovery Effect, where each week I create and share content to support those in recovery. Before this venture, I spent over thirty years operating an inpatient alcohol and drug treatment center. Now I’ve taken my passion and skillset online, where I coach alcoholics and addicts in their path to recovery.

Coaching is made up of weekly tasks, exercises, challenges, studies, and 1-on-1 discussions. From support, to swift kicks in the rear, there’s much more to successful recovery than simply not drinking or drugging. I’m here to help you find out just how much your life can be improved.

Who Do You Work With?

I work with any person who is starved for the comfort of recovery. You may be an active member of The Program, have been sober for many years, are facing a temporary problem, or just beginning to confront your addiction, but Recovery Coaching can be utilized by all. Newcomer or not, each of us must work to continually improve and maintain our sobriety. Recovery Coaching is one of the most direct tools that can used to accomplish this.

Who Is Recovery Coaching For?

Recovery Coaching is for anyone who needs more support in their recovery. Sometimes life brings us hardship that we have never dealt with before. Some of us have deep unresolved personal problems that we have been to scared to confront. Some of us simply fail to utilize the resources around us–our meetings, our community, our fellowship. From laziness, lack of motivation, hardship, and many other reasons, recovery by itself is not working for us. For these people, more support is necessary–and Recovery Coaching is designed to give you exactly that.

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