The Recovery Effect Podcast – Episode 15: Emotional Sobriety

In this episode we look to decipher Bill W’s lesser known view on Emotional Sobriety–and the incredible risk we take when making absolute demands on life and our loved ones. Luckily, there is an exercise we can practice to achieve this special kind of sobriety: The Healing Circuit.




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  • shane miller


    Thank you my brother and thank Jesus for the gift of recovery and the means to seek that recovery for ourselves yet still together with those that have the same desire. Thank you for sharing such personal material from your life. You offered a perspective that is so unthought of and so profoundly difficult to grasp especially when we are handicapped by immaturity. Thanks again…

    • I’m glad you feel the podcast is valuable. Thank you, Shane, for your support.

  • I can’t tell you how much I needed this at this exact moment. I have been struggling with myself the past week or so but now I can end it. It was like going to the hardware store to buy bread. I wanted the bread, I even thought I needed the bread but the hardware store doesn’t sell bread. I am going to listen to this over and over for the next few days. Thank you for the reminder Bill, I needed it.

    • Thank you Lori. Let’s you and I give up our demands.



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