The Recovery Effect Podcast – Episode 21: How To Overcome All Adversity

This podcast will teach you how to turn any kind of bad situation you might face–into a reward. Learning this simple exercise is key to unlocking a prosperous life. Listen now to the first extended-length, special edition episode from The Recovery Effect!


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  • Lori


    I agree with this podcast and all that you said. I summed it up as the gift of desperation. When I was arrested for possession of cocaine I didn’t’t see it as prosperity. Looking back I can see that it was a chance for me to get out of an abusive relationship, a way to escape. It also lead me to Atishwin. It lead me to my goal of changing my life, showed me how to get away from the insanity. I believe that God put me exactly where I needed to be. He knew I needed to go to jail in order to learn how to be happy and live the life I was meant to live. Thank you Billy for having the knowledge of how to reach me and how to help me find the person I was supposed to be. God bless you.



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