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[section id=”buttons” background=”image-parallax” imageurl=”” bottomarrowcolor=”#fff”] [header] Buttons [/header] [column] [button] Standard light [/button] [/column] [column] [button color=”white”] Standard white [/button] [/column] [column] [button color=”dark”] Standard dark [/button] [/column]


[column] [button style=”top” icon=”fa-folder-open-o”] Top light [/button] [/column] [column] [button style=”top” color=”white” icon=”fa-smile-o”] Top white [/button] [/column] [column] [button style=”top” color=”dark”] Top dark [/button] [/column]


[column] [button type=”anchor” id=”social” color=”light”]Anchor light[/button] [/column] [column] [button type=”anchor” id=”social” color=”white”]Anchor white[/button] [/column] [column] [button type=”anchor” id=”social” color=”dark”]Anchor dark[/button] [/column]


[column] [button style=”banner” color=”light” icon=”fa-lightbulb-o”] Banner light [/button] [/column] [column] [button style=”banner” color=”white” icon=”fa-shopping-cart”] Banner white [/button] [/column] [column] [button style=”banner” color=”dark”] Banner dark [/button] [/column]


[column width=”12″] [button style=”banner” color=”dark”] Full width banner [/button] [/column] [/section] [section id=”social”] [column width=”6″] [header type=”small-left”] Social [/header]

The social shortcode is generic across the whole company. This means that the same social profiles are displayed where ever this shortcode is entered.

[social] [/column] [column width=”6″] [header type=”small-left”] Social person [/header]

The social person shortcode is specific to an actual person, allowing different social profiles to be entered for each use case.

[social_person type=”twitter, facebook, email” emailaddress=”#” twitterusername=”pixelobjecthq” facebookurl=”#”] [/column] [/section]


Instagram did not return a 200.

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