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The Recovery Effect Podcast – Episode 25: Emotional Sobriety—Part 3

Consider this episode a “Sober Intervention”. Why? Because recovery isn’t always a bed of roses…the 3rd segment of Emotional Sobriety will show you how to pinpoint what’s holding you back from living a life of all-out sober recovery. If you’ve stopped drinking and abusing drugs, that’s only half the battle. The very BEST part of recovery happens when you attack your addiction from within. This episode will help you uncover what’s preventing you from enjoying your sobriety. When you remove these blocks from your life…it changes everything.

The Recovery Effect Podcast – Episode 24: Our Greatest Enemy, Part 2

In this episode we’re going to answer a question you’ve been asking for your entire life… We’ll take a closer look at what “surrendering” actually means & the critical role it plays in sobriety. As we battle our egos (a constant threat in recovery), there is trick you can master to defeat the ego, surrender, & reveal opportunities behind each & every crisis. It all starts with surrendering, are you ready to learn it?



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